What does the caduceus mean?


The Caduceus was the staff carried by the Greek messenger god Hermes. It represents goodwill in commerce and is the US symbol for medicine. (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2016) Under this dual meaning, Caduceus Financial & Insurance Services was founded to bring the message of sound financial advice to clients so they can focus completely on the rigorous demands of their careers.


How do we help our clients?

At Caduceus Financial & Insurance Services we understand the challenges faced by our clients. The day-to-day responsibilities of their careers often take precedence over personal financial planning. By focusing on financial health and providing a financial plan^, we allow our clients to better prepare for the challenges of their financial lives.

We understand how to structure and help protect our client’s assets in an effort to get the most favorable tax treatment and mitigate risk.

We provide holistic wealth management ^and solutions that are tailored to each individual.


Our Process: It all starts with the plan.




Evaluation and Analysis:

Making sure our clients get the best possible advice starts with taking an in-depth look at where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow.



Recommendation and Implementation:

And because we know their objectives may change over time, we approach financial planning as a dynamic, ongoing process that takes into account their personal circumstances, changes in the tax laws, and changes in the marketplace. We can help clients design a plan that evolves with them and results in a well-coordinated series of recommendations that can be easily implemented.


Our Wealth Management system is designed to give you a single accesspoint to securely view all your:

  • Financial accounts
  • Tax and legal documents
  • Insurance coverage
  • Specific goals
  • Strategic plans

Get a snapshot of your finances at a glance. With our system, you are always up to date and organized. All of your information is password protected at a secure, encrypted personal web address, easily accessible only to you and your financial advisor team.

Neither Eagle Strategies LLC, nor Caduceus Financial & Insurance Services provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult your tax, legal or accounting professional regarding your particular situation.